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Our tariff plans

Choose the optimal VPS tariff

Choose a virtual server tariff plan that suits your projects. Rent a VPS with a reserve of resources, because projects are growing

INF / Per Month
  • CPU 1
  • RAM2048 (MB)
  • DISK25 (GB)
  • Dedicated IP
  • 50 GBBackup storage
INF / Per Month
  • CPU 2
  • RAM4096 (MB)
  • DISK50 (GB)
  • Dedicated IP
  • 50 GBBackup storage
INF / Per Month
  • CPU 4
  • RAM8192 (MB)
  • DISK100 (GB)
  • Dedicated IP
  • 50 GBBackup storage

Virtual servers from VPS-UP

We use only branded equipment and components. That why by renting a VPS with us you will receive the optimal service:

Brand equipment

We use equipment: DELL, HP, CISCO, INTEL

Full virtualization

You are guaranteed to get all the VPS power due to full virtualization

Fast servers

We use SSD and NWMe disks due to which the maximum speed of the VPS is ensured

24/7 support

You can get advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Power and stability

Powerful and stable VPS servers

Thanks to the use of modern equipment and its placement in Data Centers of Tier-3 and higher level, our VPS work quickly and stably.


VPS servers work stably

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VPS at work

Choose the best VPS for yourself

We provide VPS servers for various legal projects. You can choose the optimal tariff for yourself and place the required project

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A virtual server (VPS/VDS) is an isolated working environment that emulates the work of an entire physical server. One real server can host multiple virtual servers, each of which operates autonomously and is independently managed by an administrator. The difference is that VPS has less memory and processing power. Renting a VPS is optimal for small projects when taking a whole machine is too expensive and non-profitable.

VPS server has several advantages over standard virtual hosting. These benefits include improved security and operational stability, specific software installation (you can’t install your own software on the hosting), freedom for the client to operate the virtual machine.

What can you do on a VPS? Renting virtual servers allows you to solve many tasks, including:

  • Database placement
  • Storage of personal files
  • Website placement
  • Mail service arrangement
  • Corporate work: virtual office, company files, licensed software for employees, 1C installation
  • Game Environment creation
  • Providing hosting to clients
  • Software development and testing
  • Video surveillance

How to Choose a VPS Server Plan

The VPS-UP provider offers VPS-servers at 6 rate plans. The main differences include the disk quota limits, processor capacity, and RAM size. Cheap VPSs possess less features.

How much does it cost to rent a VPS server? The cheapest rate plan costs 1,009.80 UAH per year. The server features 10Gb SSD memory, up to 3200 MHz processor, and 2Gb RAM.

The biggest capacity is provided by the KVM-400 rate plan for 10,198.80 UAH for one year of usage. It is a virtual server with 400 Gb of SSD memory, an 8-core processor running at up to 3200 MHz, and 16Gb of RAM.

By renting VPS servers, clients get full root access and unlimited traffic, 100 Mb/s port speed at any rate. They can also create any number of mailboxes and domains, get an interface to manage DNS records, 50 Gb for backups, and create snapshots.

In order to make the right choice, you need to estimate the resource consumption of your project and get a server with extra capacity, which should be enough for scaling.

If you don’t have experience estimating server capacity for specific tasks, our technical support team will assist you during the consultation.

What is the best OS for VPS

Virtual servers (VPS server) use two major operating systems: Windows Server and Linux. The client decides which operating system to install on the VPS.

Linux is a lightweight, high-performance, and secure system that minimally loads the VPS capacity. It is almost immune to virus attacks and allows experimenting for users with programming experience since it is an open-source operating system.

Windows Server has several advantages that make it worth choosing this system:

  • Windows VPS is easier to work with, especially for beginners. The OS has the same interface as standard home computers.
  • There is a software developed exclusively for Windows but not supported by Linux. First of all, it is 1C, which is used in all sectors of Ukrainian business.
  • Windows supports cloud computing and is suitable for consolidating multiple servers, creating virtual offices, and working remotely.

For VPS-UP customers, we offer to install such Windows and Linux distributions as Debian, Fedora, Elastix, CentOS, and Ubuntu.

Is it necessary to have a control panel for VPS

Control panel is a special software using which you can configure the server and manage hosted sites, domains, hosting, databases.

You can run a VPS server without the control panel, but you will need to hire a qualified administrator. Due to the user-friendly interface, even a novice can administer the virtual server using the panel, requesting technical support assistance only in the most complicated cases.

For our clients, we install one of two panels to choose from ISP-Manager and Vesta. If Ubuntu distribution is installed on the server, it is possible to install the Hestia panel. However, upon request, users can install any existing control panel.

VPS Administration

VPS-server can be administered on your own, or you can hire an administrator. Clients often choose the first option since you can master the control panel quickly enough.

Still, sometimes there are situations when you need professional technical support, and our specialists are ready to solve all the problems.

You can order the VPS administration service if there is an emergency, or you need to make complex settings. The service costs 560 UAH/hour during working hours and 730 UAH/hour outside working hours.

There is also an option of advanced administration, which includes the basic services necessary for efficient operation of the server: installation and configuration of software, anti-viruses, control panels, performance monitoring, backup configuration, optimization of the server and software components. It also includes three hours of administrator’s work each month. The cost of the service is 800 UAH/month.

For unique resource-intensive projects, there is a premium administration option (price is calculated on an individual basis). It allows you to identify weaknesses in the work of the website through an audit, to consult with programmers and get help in solving non-standard problems.

How to buy VPS

The procedure of renting VPS servers on VPS-UP is as simple as possible.

After selecting the desired rate plan, click the “Order” button, whereupon the system will redirect you to fill in the required data. You should specify the name of the server, what it will be used for, choose the operating system and the control panel. You can also order up to two IP addresses (IPv4), administration and monitoring services.

After that, you will be asked to log in to your account or register if you haven’t already done so.

Upon payment for the service, an email with all the information about the server will be sent to the email address specified in your account within a day.

We offer a flexible system that allows you to switch between different rate plans, order additional services and get discounts. Choose the right VPS-server and use all its features to boost your business.

For ordering a virtual server you just need to complete the registration procedure on our website. It is necessary to specify the customer data and pay for the server rent. Upon payment, you will receive access to your VPS.
The company’s servers are installed in Tier-3 Data Centers and higher. Currently, VPS rental is available in Germany and Ukraine.
All VPS servers run on KVM virtualization system. This option allows to fully allocate resources for each individual client. KVM is a full virtualization system.
When renting a VPS, you can choose one of the offered operating systems. When ordering, you can choose between Linux operating systems, as well as Windows VPS.