In today’s business world, saturated with high-tech solutions, server rental is an integral part of the successful operation of enterprises. This service is in demand among both IT professionals and representatives of other industries. Server hardware opens up opportunities for maintaining high-load websites, building IT infrastructure, and automating business processes. However, efficient server operation requires specific knowledge and responsibility on the part of the user.

That is why we decided to provide you with comprehensive information on the key aspects of working with servers. This will help you avoid unpleasant situations that may arise due to lack of knowledge during operation. It is important to note that these recommendations are general in nature and can be used when cooperating not only with us, but also with other providers. The rules for renting servers may differ in detail, but the general approach is similar for the entire hosting services market.

Why it is important to know and follow server regulations

Recently, our client had a serious incident: two disks on a rented server failed simultaneously. Unfortunately, the server was also storing backup copies of their data, and as a result, they lost all their information. This was the first such incident in more than 15 years of operation, but it clearly showed where the weak link in the management of leased servers was. Why did this misunderstanding happen?

When renting a server from a hosting provider, customers are fully responsible for data security, software status, as well as monitoring the load on components and timely notifying technical support of possible problems. It’s like they’re sailing in the “open sea” where they have to make decisions and manage their resources on their own.

In this case, the reason for the failure of the server components was the end of their service life, but this was not noticed in a timely manner. Regular diagnostics and replacement of obsolete components, followed by reconfiguration of the RAID array, could have prevented this incident. Replacing worn-out components is a standard procedure when working with dedicated servers.

One of the peculiarities of server rental is that only the client has full root access. Neither technical specialists nor anyone else has the ability to “look” at the server to assess its condition or components. Only technical support has access and the ability to monitor the server’s status, but only when ordering a paid additional administration service.

Compliance with the regulations is extremely important as they guarantee maximum data confidentiality and ensure the protection of information. The client can be absolutely sure that only he or she has access to his or her data and no one else can access it. This gives them confidence in the safety of their confidential information.

However, as with everything, there is a downside. Compliance with these regulations entails a high level of responsibility. The client is responsible for the condition of the rented equipment, its safety, and proper operation. This means that they need to closely monitor the server, update the software, regularly back up data, and take measures to prevent possible threats.

We would like to emphasize that compliance with server regulations is a key aspect of ensuring data security and uninterrupted server operation.

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BACKUP for multiple hard disks is a common practice, but it is also important to have additional copies on separate media.

It is important to create multiple data backups

The example we saw shows that clients had backups, but they were stored on the same server. This led to a catastrophic situation: two isolated disk failures at the same time and the loss of backups.

Keeping backups on the same disk is a common practice, but it is also important to create additional copies on separate media. You can never have too many backups, so it is recommended to have a third copy on a server located in another data center.

Please note that we guarantee up to 50 GB of free disk space specifically for storing backups on servers. This space is on a separate disk, which increases the security of your data, especially in case of problems with the rented server.

It should be emphasized that it is the customer’s responsibility to create and configure backups. Although technical support can offer assistance in this regard, this is only possible if you order a paid service. This is important to consider to ensure the reliability and availability of your backup data.

It is recommended that you check with your provider about the possibility of storing backups on another server and use this service if it is available. This is an additional level of security for your data.

Don’t skimp on data security

It is recommended to use a server with two disks in a mirrored RAID array to increase reliability. Information is written to both disks simultaneously, ensuring recovery if one of them fails. However, some customers choose two disks without combining them to have more space.

This method seems to be effective, but if a disk breaks down or reaches the end of its life, the risk of data loss increases. It is recommended that you listen carefully to the advice of technical support and ask them about possible additional ways to secure your data to avoid loss. This will enhance protection and ensure the uninterrupted functioning of important data.

Server administration is a set of services that includes maintenance of software and operating systems on servers

Administration services

Different paid server administration services offer different levels of support:

  1. Hourly administration. This option is suitable for customers who usually manage their server but face complex problems that require professional assistance. The provider offers services for resetting passwords, transferring a website, installing security certificates, configuring PHP, security tools, backups, software updates, and many others.
  2. Full administration. With full server administration, the user pays a monthly subscription fee and receives a full range of services: software installation and configuration, server health monitoring, installation of antivirus programs, data backup and quick data recovery, as well as constant availability of technical support. These services ensure the reliability, security, and uninterrupted operation of the server.
  3. Load monitoring. This is an inexpensive service that involves monitoring the load on server components. If the permissible indicators are exceeded, the client receives a notification and is given the opportunity to solve the problem on his own. If necessary, you can order paid administration.

It’s important to choose reliable providers with a good reputation, especially when it comes to full server administration.

A server is a powerful business tool. Understanding all the rules of working with servers helps clients avoid problems and technical malfunctions, protecting important data from potential losses.

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