Virtual servers have become an essential tool for IT companies in their work. A VDS server is a virtual server that can be created on a physical server. This allows you to use not the entire server capacity, but only the necessary part, which is much cheaper than renting a full-fledged server or installing your own.

Developers are already actively using VDS servers, because they allow programmers to work on a project from anywhere in the world. Let’s take a look at their main features and advantages.

VDS server for software developers. Get to know all the details.

Advantages of using virtual servers for programmers

Since the VDS server is created on a physical server, you can create an isolated development environment. You can preliminarily estimate the required capacity for work. For example, the amount of permanent and RAM memory, the power of processors, the speed of processing operations, and the ability of many programmers to work simultaneously.

Proper configuration allows you to make a VDS server completely isolated from others. That is why renting is more profitable.

Previously, IT companies or startups had to install their own server. If the project was small, a separate powerful computer was allocated for this purpose. However, when it comes to developing complex programs, creating websites, or running applications, special server hardware is required. It is expensive in itself. You also need to place it in a separate room, create optimal conditions for its operation, properly configure it, and provide constant support from the system administrator. This is extremely expensive, especially for small companies and start-up projects. Therefore, a virtual server is the best solution, because you rent server capacity, configure it the way you need it, and use it for your needs.

VDS hosting is used by different specialists working on a project. Let’s take an example of developing an online store website. It requires a lot of specialists to create it:

  • project managers;
  • web developers
  • programmers
  • interface designers;
  • graphic designers;
  • database specialists;
  • testers
  • analysts, etc.

All team members must have access to the project. Therefore, renting a VPS is the best solution for this. If necessary, you can scale the system if your project expands.

VPS hosting also helps to test a product – a program, website, script, etc. Testers can create different environments for testing. For example, they can create virtual machines with different operating systems – Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, IOS, etc. This allows you to develop cross-platform software that can run on different operating systems and devices. Renting a VDS server does not require the purchase of separate computers for testing, as virtual systems can be created.

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Tools and technologies that facilitate development on virtual servers

There are many tools available for developers who use virtual servers. The use of containers to manage resources and isolate virtual server environments has become very popular in software development and web application hosting.

Containers provide a high level of isolation for the application environment, they are easily scalable, and allow efficient use of host system resources because they share a common operating system kernel.

An Air Force server can use version control systems. They help many developers work together on a project, make and track all changes. For example, the most popular version control systems that integrate with virtual servers include Git, Subversion, Mercurial, Microsoft Team Foundation Version Control, and many others.

On a remote server, you can install any tools and programs you need for development. This way, the tools you need can be used remotely. It is convenient and reliable.

Learn how a VPS server affects software development.

Setting up virtual servers for optimal development

If you have decided to use VDS hosting for your project, you need to choose the right capacity and make the right settings. Of course, you can scale a virtual server and change its settings, but it is better to take care of the necessary configurations before you start working on the development, rather than doing it when the project is in active development.

You should rely on several basic parameters. First of all, the power of the equipment:

  • processors;
  • video cards;
  • RAM
  • flash memory;
  • network card

It is worth paying attention to the server’s bandwidth – how many users can use it at the same time. This affects the speed of data transfer between the server and the developer’s computer and vice versa, as well as the speed of processing.

It is important to choose the right operating system and software package. It depends on your needs and the specifics of the project. For example, many programmers choose different Linux distributions for their work because they are free. But Windows and MacOS are also common among developers, although they are paid.

When setting up, you need to ensure access and control of the server by granting different users different rights in the system.

It is also worth starting from your budget. For many companies, this aspect is one of the key ones. VPS is cheap to maintain and allows you to save your budget.

Server security is also important. It is necessary to protect the server from malware, third-party interference, data theft, and other cyber threats such as DDoS attacks. Servers have firewalls that filter requests and determine which request comes from a real user and which comes from a botnet.

Hosting companies usually provide certain security guarantees for virtual servers. However, it is also necessary to take a competent approach to this issue on the part of the user. You need to use firewalls, antivirus software, and correct configuration of ports and operating system services.

Practical tips and examples of use

Virtual servers help to optimize the development process. This makes life much easier for programmers. For example, when creating a video game, different specialists can work on the project simultaneously. It is also not necessary to be in the same office. Everyone can work remotely. You can also involve specialists from other countries.

If you set up your servers correctly, you can create backups. This way, you can ensure uninterrupted access to the servers. For example, some companies rent several servers that are located in different locations. Therefore, it is virtually impossible for all the equipment to fail at once.

The use of these technologies has shown its advantages. Virtual servers are used by successful projects such as Netflix, Dropbox, Shopify, and many others. As for small IT companies and startups, there are thousands of them.


As we can see, virtual servers have many advantages for programmers and developers. It’s not just an opportunity to get the power you need cheaply. Virtual servers mean, first of all, convenient work of many people on one product, uninterrupted access to the necessary programs and tools, and the ability to use large server capacities remotely, from virtually any computer or laptop, even low-powered ones.

That’s why it’s worth considering using virtual servers for software development, as it’s reliable and inexpensive.

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